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      REALM CARD GAME   2-8 players


  • The object of the game is to capture and overpower all the opposition’s Castles using skill, strategy and tactics to outwit the opponent by using the cards as both attack and defense.


  • Capture all the opponent’s Castles in play to conquer the Realm.


  • Shuffle the Castle cards and deal one Castle or more to each player. **
  • Shuffle all the remaining cards and place face down to become the deck.
  • Deal 5 cards to each player.

       HOW TO PLAY

  • Place your counter(s) on your Castle(s) marked on the Realm map.
  • Flip the battle counter to see who starts.
    (Up to 8 Players - On your turn nominate any opponent to start a battle or attack a Castle.)
  • Player 1 lays any amount of cards the SAME colour face up from their hand to attack.
    Player 2 lays any amount of cards of ONE DIFFERENT colour from Player 1, to defend.
    Add up the card numbers and the player with the highest score wins the battle.
    If Player 2 only has the same colour cards as Player 1, lay a card(s) and LOSE the battle.
  • The winner moves their counter one square on the Realm map in any compass direction.
  • When the battle is over discard all the cards used for the battle face down on a separate discard pile. Both players pick up from the top of the deck to make their hand 5 cards.
  • The winner of the last battle starts the next turn.
  • When the deck is exhausted, shuffle the discard pile and use as the new deck.
  • When a player lands on a Castle, attack with cards using ONE DIFFERENT colour to the defending Castle. The defending player uses cards the SAME colour as the Castle, including the Castle card. Add up the card numbers and the player with the highest score wins the Castle! The loser retreats their counter to one of their own Castles marked on the Realm map. If both players have the same score the defending Castle wins.
  • Special cards in the deck can be used at any time during a turn. Instructions for use are on each card.
  • ** 2-7 PLAYERS
    Land on a vacant Castle not owned by any player and you can own it by laying a card(s) greater than the score of the Castle. Pick up to make your hand 5 cards again and continue the battle.


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